Top Collectibles

So we are looking at our top collectibles for the year so far. 
  1. TY Angus Our Number 1 by far is our Scottish Angus Cow from TY INC. We love the bangs and we love the eyes. But you keep taking them home with you!
  2. PIKMI POPS  Soft scented plush in the cake pop style holder. Will you get Mr Ticklers the Raspberry scented octopus or someone else. 
  3. Lego Batman Minifigures S2 Celebrating year of the Lego batman movie you have collecting series 2 mini figures by the hands full.
  5. CAKE POP CUTIES        
  6. SQUISH DEE LISH SHOPKINS Slow rise foam again on this list. These are Shopkins have proven very popular this year along with soft n slow above.
  7. LOL SURPRISE FIZZ Small bath bomb like surprises that give a figure temporary tattoo and charm for your bracelet we haven't had these long in but you are loving them and buying loads

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